Introducing Taberna

Teacher’s guide

  • Clear reference to assessment standards
  • Work schedules with consistent progression
  • Interesting context-related lessons
  • Pages to record progress

Learner’s workbook

  • Ample activities to reinforce skills and strategies
  • Assessment pages to monitor progress

Concrete apparatus

  • Colourful and learner-friendly
  • Effective for whole-class activities

WHEN: 10 minutes daily

WHERE: Presented in the classroom

WHO: All educators and learners benefit from this systematic, easy-to-use material.

HOW: The “Go Mental” material guides the learners to solve problems by using concrete apparatus.

Learners gradually progress to solve more abstract real-life problems.

Mental Maths materials are distributed across the Western Cape from our distribution centre in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.  Extremely simple to acquire, our materials can be ordered by easily downloading and completing our order form, or you are welcome to contact us directly for inquiries.


Taberna is a family owned business, established in early 1997 with the primary purpose to supply and distribute educational material throughout the Western Cape. Through our engagement with educational institutions and their teaching staff, the need for improved educational tools in Mathematics became increasingly evident and the concept of Mental Maths evolved.

Taberna’s journey into Mental Maths started with the company’s founder and two experienced foundation educators whose personal experiences are embodied in the instruction manual and workbooks that are today the Mental Maths products.  Since those early days, further supporting materials and teaching aids were added to our product portfolio and today we are proud to represent the highly successful mathematics education tools represented in Mental Maths.

Our writers remain entrenched in the education profession, continuing to teach and use the tools that have made Mental Maths famous.

Why our interest in mathematics?  As educators, we are passionate about the development of mathematical ability in learners, buying into the concept that lifetime financial intuition and wellbeing is fundamentally possible if a grasp of mathematics prevails.  Provided learning is delivered in a fun, interactive way, knowledge and capability will naturally follow.  We have developed the Mental Maths program to deliver learning that is fun.  If we are able to teach our learners about mathematics in a fun manner, we know that they will ultimately “Go Mental” about mathematics and become arithmetically astute.


WHY: Learners will acquire numeracy skills and thinking strategies which will equip them to solve problems effectively.

WHAT: A teacher’s guide, a learner’s workbook and concrete apparatus are skilfully integrated.

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